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Posted on 2011.04.27 at 01:28
This is the last day of my two-and-a-bit-week holiday and I have done NOTHING, which normally I would be in favour of but I haven't cleaned up my desk, I haven't looked at any Latin grammar except for the one tutorial on the first Thursday when the tutor gave me CATULLUS SIXTEEN to translate, AWESOME, I haven't even thought about the assignments for Issues And History In Popular Music, I've not been to the gym hardly, I haven't touched any musical instruments hardly, I just stayed on facebook and used up bandwidth, and my sleep schedule is messed up which I am not helping by staying up past one in the morning to post this. Blaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh.

But I watched Singing in the Rain and made popcorn, I made cookies just cause I felt like it, I went to the library for fun for the first time in ages and finally read Wintersmith, I wrote down some things that I have been meaning to for a while, I hung out with Mum. Today hung out with Mel and Paul and beat Paul's ass at pool.

But still. I had a bunch of things I wanted to do and I didn't get to most of them and now uni is starting up again and the time will just GO because it always does.

Rar I am just annoyed at myself.

This week: Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi, Mavis Staples (assuming I get off my arse and buy my ticket), Eli Paperboy Reed (ditto), Bob Dylan (again ditto what is wrong with this picture seriously Aisha). And a couple of Parties or Get-Togethers which I should probably Go To and See People etc.

Going to bed now.

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