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Posted on 2011.02.24 at 13:49
I've never been very good at talking about Important Issues and Current Events an shit. So, whatever.

I've been doing some work for the census, going round houses delivering forms. Was delivering Tuesday, I got to one house and this woman was on the phone, asking her mum if she were watching TV. She says to me, you know there's been an earthquake? I say, no, where? She says Christchurch. I say oh no, I go through the spiel about the forms et cetera, make it quick so she can get back to the news, thank you have a nice day, on my way. I think didn't they, like, just have an earthquake? But that one wasn't all that bad, I mean it was bad but no-one died, right? Yeah. So, really rotten luck, but hopefully not too bad in the aftermath.

Couple hours later I go home for a bit, and the earthquake is on all the international news channels. Live footage from TV3 of people being rescued from seventeenth floor of the office building across the way from TV3 in Chch. Streets been torn up, the place has run out of ambulances, one guy got arrested for trying to help and putting himself and others in danger in the process.

So I watch that for longer than I mean to, head back out. Get home just after eight, exhausted, watch Top Gear. Dad gets home, puts on the news. Which tonight is on till eleven.

Next day I go out delivering again, the district supervisor meets me to come along to check that I'm doing everything right. She says the South Island census is postponed a few days, but the North Island is going ahead as planned. Accompanies me to a few houses, all good, goes on her way.

Half an hour later I get a call from her saying "don't deliver any more forms, it's all been postponed. There's a national state of emergency."

So yeah. Official death toll up to seventy-five last I heard, hundreds still missing. I don't have anyone I know or am related to in Christchurch. So that's something I guess?

Yeah, I don't really know what to say about this, other than it's terrible. You can help by donating to the Red Cross here. Please do so if you can.

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